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Can’t Judge a Book By its Cover

Have you seen this YouTube video clip that is circulating around? Please overlook my lack of technical ability (I sadly cannot figure out how to embed a video in this article) and just click on the link the old-fashioned way.  You really need to watch this.

This particular recording of what transpired on the hit show Britain’s Got Talent is roughly 7 minutes, which I know sounds like a long time to sit there watching, but the time will FLY by, trust me.  I normally hate these “Oh you just have to watch this” type of thing, and therefore usually don’t, but my sister’s note in an email last night compelled me to take a look.  Yeah, this clip has been flying around the internet — and yeah, it really is one you have to see.

I have now watched it several times, and each time this Zen Mama Wannabe gets MORE teary-eyed than before!  Goose-bumps run up …

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