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Does it take a tragedy to make people behave better?

Not a scene from Washington - at least not yet!

Does it take a tragedy like the Tucson shootings to make people start behaving better?  It’s been so discouraging recently seeing our elected officials acting like petulant children in Congress, stomping their feet (and holding news conferences) whenever they don’t get their way, and resorting to name-calling worse than any playground in America. It’s as though they don’t want to REALLY solve problems but merely stonewall their opponents.  What about coming together for the greater good?  Apparently until recently that cause was long forgotten.  But maybe, now – after the horrible tragedy in Tucson we have an opportunity.

I came across this meditation/prayer again via Mimi Doe and her Spiritual Parenting Newsletter.  Imagine if we said it once a day for 30 days – I wonder what would happen?  I wonder how we’d feel?  I wonder if we, collectively, could help with changing the whole nasty vibe that …

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Remember 9-11 (again)

The view from the end of our street

We had front row seats to the tragedies in NYC on September 11, 2001. We were living in Brooklyn Heights at the time, with a skyline view of the World Trade Towers visible at the end of our street.  My husband worked in the center of Manhattan, near Penn Station and the Empire State Building.  He rode the subway in to work every day, often going right under the World Trade Center.  He was on the subway when the first plane hit.  I was in our apartment, dealing with our new baby.  Just a regular morning – until the horrific events unfolded.  We both remember it so vividly, even today – especially today.  When you are living it up-close and personal, each moment becomes stamped in your memory in a way you are not likely to forget.

A friend from Philadelphia called the apartment shortly after news of the first plane crash.  …

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Does Flying Make You Nervous (too)??

AirFranceDoes hearing about these tragedies make you feel uneasy to fly??

I don’t get to fly that often, and I admit I am usually 50 percent excited to be going (anywhere!), 50 percent nervous that something might go wrong.

I know all the arguments about how airplanes are safer than cars, blah blah blah….and I get it; but I can’t help but also get those little butterflies in my stomach when the plane engines fire up for take-off. 

I remember taking a trip only weeks after JFK Jr.’s horribly sad plane accident back in 1999.  My flight happened to be out over the Pacific Ocean when we hit turbulence and I can still remember that feeling of sheer terror I felt as I gripped the armrest and wondered my fate.  We bumped around for probably 30 seconds or so – then everything was fine – the high drama was over.  But yikes! 

I was actually flying back and forth across …

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Do News Events really need to be Life Lessons?

If my husband knew I did it, I doubt he’d be too happy.  I can see the look on his face as he’d ask me in THAT tone, “You said WHAT?”  Why would you say that?  What were you thinking?”  And I’d get mad at him, for questioning me, for taking me to task for my actions.  From practice I’m afraid I can play it all out only too well.  Thankfully he is in NYC all week, so busy with work things that he hardly remembers our names.  When he gets home, there will be other things to talk about – in fact, this may never come up.  So the one left here to question my actions, my common sense, is ME.  And now that I’ve had some time to contemplate it all, I think my husband (if he had said all that to me) would have been right.  Ooh, I hate when that happens!

It was a …

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Do Celebrity Tragedies Affect You?

Do you pay attention to the celebrity headlines that often fill TV, magazines and the web?  Do you ever hear of something that causes you to feel such dismay or sorrow that it is as if you were hearing about your own family member?  Is it human nature to feel this way – or has the media taken on an overactive role in putting these people in front of us and manipulating our emotions?  How do you feel?

It filled me with great sadness this morning when I saw the headline: Body in SUV Believed to be Hudson’s Nephew.  By the time you read this, it will undoubtedly be known if in fact the boy found is Jennifer Hudson’s nephew – but right now, things are not looking good.  Here is a young woman (age 27) who because of her mother’s urging went on American Idol and got discovered.  She went on to star in the 2007 hit movie …

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