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My Secret Summer Savior: BINGO

BINGOchartSummer is just about here and I’m a little nervous.  I always start off with good intentions.  I say it will be a time to relax, to ease up on schedules, to just BE for a while.  But about halfway through, this Zen Mama Wannabe starts LOSING MY MIND.  The bickering, the begging for more screen time, the moaning about having to run errands, the longing for just a hour or so of time for ME – just to be able to think and have some quiet.  (This is why other parents sign their kids up for camps all summer – I get it.  I do).  So, here I sit – wondering how the heck it will go and if it can live up to my initial expectations?  (I wonder, does anything ever?)

Last summer, in response to my calls of desperation, I got a tip from my best friend that was a lifesaver.  Yep, truly brilliant.  She suggested I …

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Books to Shake Off that June Gloom

If you are looking for some fun summer reading (Chick Lit type stuff – sorry guys) I have two recommendations for you right off the bat.  Both have been out for a couple years – the good news being they are in paperback now (that’s right – no excuse for you not to get a copy if by chance you haven’t read them).  So if you haven’t yet had the pleasure and you like this genre of books (and I do hate how some people turn up their noses at the mere thought, as if the term “Chick Lit” is so offensive – call it Light Summer Reading if it makes you feel better) then these are a couple you don’t want to miss. 

They are easy-to-read, entertaining stories that pull you along all the way through – perfect for an afternoon stretched out in the sun (does anyone with kids do that anymore??) or for one …

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Getting Back to Our Normal Routines

6 days left of summer….I have started the countdown.  In a week, my son will be starting school again, my daughter entering Pre-K soon after that, and life will get back to the normal routine.  What the heck is normal??

I know, I have it easy.  My son is entering 2nd grade – there is not much to get ready for.  Most of his clothes still fit, he doesn’t need school supplies per ce (just a check for the teacher to help with the cost of general things).  My daughter’s situation is the same – no new clothes or supplies needed – I even think last year’s lunch boxes and backpacks will suffice.  So what is the big deal? 

The big deal is ME.  Returning to school means returning to routines, ones that have been gently phased out during the summer months.  It means stricter bed times (and EARLIER ones too).  It means getting up early (for me – …

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What’s your Summer Dream Vacation?

"What’s your dream?  Everybody’s got a dream."  So says the guy walking Hollywood Boulevard in the movie Pretty Woman (a perennial click-flick favorite of mine).  More specifically, what’s your summer dream vacation?  Where would you go?  What would your dream be?

An obvious, shoots-out-of-my-mouth-without-thinking kind of answer, is the Caribbean.  Beautiful white sand beaches, warm turquoise-colored water, lots of sunshine, fragrant warm air, tropical drinks and a whole stack of books and magazines to peruse and delve into….sounds heavenly.  The only time I’ve been there is on my honeymoon – but it was all that and more!

But two kids later, being able to peacefully sit ANYWHERE for more than 10 minutes, is unheard of.  And this Zen Mama Wannabe, who spent her teenage and college years baking in the Southern California beach sun (with baby oil slathered on – for heaven’s sake!) has become fully aware of just how damaging the sun’s rays can be.  I’m all about the …

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