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Dodging Bullets

Preliminary test results from the doctor visits yesterday showed good news.  The lump on our beloved dog appears to be a harmless fatty tumor (the best case scenario).  The Doppler study on my mom’s carotid artery revealed no blockage and made the technician exclaim, “I only hope MY arteries look as good and plague-free when I am 89!”  Whew!  A good ending to a long day.

We dodged some bullets, avoided being struck down, and for that this Zen Mama Wannabe is truly thankful.  I don’t kid myself however; the fight is hardly over.  When you reach Old Age, as both my mother and our 4-legged companion have done, once you engage in battle, you are in it for the duration.  This round may have gone to us, but the war is hardly over.  We will get fired upon again.  I just hope we have a reprieve for a while…to savor this victory and enjoy daily living, and …

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