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Zen Mama Wannabe » Starbucks
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The Hidden Surprise in Your Hot Cocoa

Brrr – Baby, it’s cold outside!  There was frost on the ground and fog in the air this morning.  Currently the temperature outside is a chilly 41 degrees and dropping.  A nice warm drink sounds heavenly right now.  Maybe something festive like a Peppermint Mocha Twist or an Eggnog Latte?  But wait a second – this little afternoon pick-me-up is anything but little (calorie wise).  Add a tiny treat to go along with your drink and you are now looking at waistband sabotage of the deadliest kind.

Normally if I go into a Starbucks (or other coffee establishments) I order a non-fat latte.  An 8-oz one is 100 calories; the kind I usually get – a "grande"  – is only a little more (130).  That is where you (or perhaps I should just speak for myself) need to stop.  Call it a day – go home and away from other temptations. 

But last week I fell for …

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“Quick” Visit to the Doctor

Ever been in a doctor’s exam room, half naked, waiting to be seen?  Waiting.  Waiting. Waiting.  You’ve read the magazine you brought in the room with you – twice – and it wasn’t even a good one to begin with.  Tick tock.  You have things to do.  You crammed scheduled this appointment in among the many other things you needed to get done in the few free hours you have before picking your son or daughter up from school.   Tick tock.  What do you do?  Put BACK ON your clothes so you can pop out and see what the deal is?  Perhaps there is some wild emergency going on.  Maybe they have evacuated the building and just forgotten to come and tell you!  Maybe there is a perfectly good reason why you are sitting here waiting as time keeps ticking on by.  Or not.

If my day did not feel so rushed, I think this Zen Mama Wannabe would have …

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