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If the Shoe Fits

I sent my husband out this weekend on the simple task of getting new sneakers for my son.  Many hours and about 10 phone calls later, he came home with the most expensive pair of boys’ shoes we have ever purchased. 

My son has basically one pair of shoes. Except for his Crocks that haven’t seen much wear since last summer, the soccer cleats that got used ever so briefly last fall during the 8-week soccer season, and last year’s baseball cleats that he can now barely get his feet into.  So for all intents and purposes, he has just one pair of shoes.  He wears these shoes to school every day (rain or shine).  He wears them to church (when we go).  These blue and gray Nike sneakers are his all-purpose shoes.  They are his casual shoes, his dress-up shoes, his hiking shoes…you get the idea. 

I have decided that is just wrong.  I think the kid needs more …

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