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How the Kids Handled the News (A Year of Change – Part 2)

The tears came much sooner than I had been expecting.  As soon as they heard the opening paragraph of my much-thought-about somewhat-prepared announcement, the question was blurted out: “You mean we’re moving??” I had barely got the “s” of Yes out of my mouth before my Little One burst into sobs.  Hmm – not quite what I had hoped.

My son immediately took over, drilling us with questions, his brow furrowed as he tried to make sense of it.  Working hard at answering what he threw at us distracted me enough that I didn’t notice how his eyes were watering as he struggled to hold it all together – for as long as he could. Was this our rock bottom?  I didn’t have to wonder for long – the answer was pretty clear:  Nope, not yet – as bad as it is, we still have a ways to go.

The conversation has continued, on and off for over a day …

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Shocking News (A Year of Change – Part 1)

With heavy hearts, my husband and I are going to sit down with our kids tonight and tell them what will be very shocking news.  No matter that this is as common as ever in our country, no matter that they personally know at least a handful of kids who have recently experienced this, no matter that we are doing this for all the “right” reasons, they are going to be shocked, heart broken and dismayed (and that’s just for starters). We are going to alter their lives forever, and believe me, we don’t take that lightly. And because of it, my husband and I are scared to death.

My kids are so happy right now.  Their lives are going along great.  Will they have seen this life-changing event coming?  No – I don’t think so.  Oh, maybe they might look back on it and in hindsight pick up a clue.  Perhaps they’ll recall overhearing a conversation or two.  But …

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