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Beware! A Halloween Candy Scare

With Halloween just days away, candy is on many people's minds.  As in, "How can I get as much candy as possible?" to "Do we have enough bags of candy to hand out?" – because as we all know, you never want to be the house that runs out of candy early in the evening (hex on you!).  At the same time, you don't want to have a huge bowl or container of it left over at the end of the night either (because, being the dutiful adults that we are, we can't bare the thought of it going to waste – and that is where it ultimately ends up: on our WAISTS!).  It is quite a balancing act, and what happens to many of us is in a last minute moment of panic, we run out and buy just a bit more – just to be safe.  And this year, being SAFE is on a lot of people's minds!…

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