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A Hallmark Moment

Apparently I didn’t get the memo.  You know, the one stating that Valentine’s Day has become an all important, national holiday in and of itself.  I’m convinced Hallmark was the main lobbyist behind it; nonetheless it seems to be official.  So are you caught up in all the Hullabaloo or are you taking a Stop the Insanity stand against all that gets put on February 14th?

Valentine’s Day in theory is a great idea for a day.  I am all in favor of professing your love and devotion to that special person (people) in your life.  I enjoy large bouquets of flowers, decadent chocolate desserts and candlelit dinners for two.  A sweet, sentimental card from your sweetheart telling you the 9 things he or she adores about you is even better.  What I am NOT in favor of is being told that this is what we must do.  Somehow the sentiment spills away when someone is practically being forced …

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