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The UPS Delivery

UPSWe got a phone message from UPS early this morning saying they would be delivering a package today that required a signature.  I was surprised: I hadn’t ordered anything (lately) and since when did UPS call you first to tell you about a delivery?  Ooh – a package, a package! And one you had to sign for too.  My kids were jumping up and down.  We all couldn’t wait to find out who was sending us a Christmas present.  A few hours went by before it hit me; I suddenly realized what the package was – and being home to receive it was the last thing I wanted to do.

I know what the package is, I told husband.  The one being delivered today that we have to sign for and that they called ahead time about.  It’s Remy.

You see when a pet dies, you have several burial options – and yes, you’re hit with these things …

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