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Progress Reports: Do Parents Make the Grade?

Progress Reports from our elementary school went home last week.  Unless you were like me and didn’t actually receive it until today – a full week later – when the teacher made us a second copy (as the original seems to have gotten lost in the Black Hole otherwise known as my son’s cubby). Interestingly, this particular progress report has made me pause in a way none other has before and this Zen Mama Wannabe cannot help but wonder: what is more telling – their actual progress or our reaction to it all?

For example, is it just human nature to skim over all the high marks and go immediately to the one or two areas that aren’t given an outstanding score?  Excellent, excellent, excellent, needs improvement, excel….. WHAT WAS THAT?  NEEDS IMPROVEMENT?????  Suddenly the lights dim and the spotlight shines on the area(s) that aren’t perhaps quite up to snuff.  Thoughts immediately race toward what we can …

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