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We Have No Problems

You think you have problems??  Ok, put ‘em on the table.  Whaddya got?  A teenager who keeps staying out after his curfew?  A 2-year old that won’t sleep through the night?  Jeans that won’t fit? A credit card company that lowered your available credit and raised your interest rate?

Or, maybe like this Zen Mama Wannabe, you find yourself having to move – in a week!  AGH!  We wanted needed to move – so that is a good thing – but everyone who has ever moved (especially recently so that some of the horror is still in your short-term memory) knows that moving sucks.  You always have more than you think.  You always start off trying to be so organized, and by the end you are just throwing things in boxes telling yourself you will sort it out when you get there.

Maybe on top of that you find yourself caught up in all the birthday party planning for your …

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