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Disney’s Newest Princess

Meet Disney's Newest Princess

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Mama, how do you spell PRINCESS?

I get these requests frequently from my daughter.  About to start Kindergarten in only a few weeks now, she easily knows how to write all her letters; it is much to her dismay that she only knows how to spell a handful of words.

“I wanna tape this note up so I won’t forget about it.”

Ah yes, this is about that email I got from Disney, about their new Princess movie coming out in December.  My daughter was standing by me when I opened the email, so I showed her the trailer clip.  Was there a part of me that wondered if she STILL was into the whole Princess thing?  Was there any doubt that she would want to pass on a new Disney movie?  What was this Zen Mama Wannabe thinking?

I give her the tape and she proudly sticks her note up on my wall, right …

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