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Are You Feeling Rich or Feeling Poor?

Are you feeling rich today – or feeling poor?   That was the question my husband asked my mother as she tried to decide whether or not to replace her huge monster of a TV with a slim LCD one that can hang out of the way on the wall.  Her studio apartment at the retirement home is only so big, and her current 10-year-old television set looms out into the room like a big black eyesore.  She hates it and keeps contemplating getting one of these newfangled ones, but of course there is that one little thing holding her back:  the price tag. 

Ah yes, the price tag.  That tiny rectangle with SKU lines all over it that keeps us from snatching up all that we desire.  There is in all of us that invisible number, set at our comfort level, that tells us whether or not the item we want is coming home with us; deal or no …

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