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The Journey of 10,000 Steps

I am once again being outdone by my mother. 

She is on a mission – 10,000 steps a day.  She has got her little pedometer that she now clips on her waistband each day as she records her steps.  She is doing it as part of a fundraising program at her retirement home.  But whether or not she records her results really doesn’t matter; she would walk that amount each and every day anyway – it is part of her daily routine. 

10,000 steps a day is what all the health and fitness experts recommend NOT for weight loss, but just for general well being.  That being the case, you would think if you were a relatively active person (no coach potatoes here) it would be fairly easy to hit 10,000 steps per day.  Yeah right.  Give it a try; see what YOU come up with.

A year ago (or maybe it was 2 or 3) this Zen Mama Wannabe …

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