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Want to Live to be 100? Not me – No way!

What is the one headline on magazine covers, the one subject which hundreds of books are written about, the one thing that we secretly (or not so secretly) think we want more than we might ever admit?  No, it is not about knowing how to affair-proof your marriage.  Or how to look 10 pounds thinner in a bathing suit. It is more prevalent in our lives than that.  It is our desire to push aside our mortality, or as one book title puts it: Dare to Be 100.

My 8 year old cannot wait until he hits double digits (the big 1-0).  For him, that sounds SO cool.  I can relate; I’m sure at his age I felt the same.  It seemed like such a big milestone, and an exciting one at that.  So is that what the number 100 does to us adults?  If double digits are cool, are triple digits even cooler??

Or is it perhaps what …

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Is the Waiting Really the Hardest Part?

Have you ever woken up in morning filled with nervous anticipation – wondering what the day ahead would bring?  Ever had doctor appointments scheduled in the hopes of providing answers – possibly answers you may not want to hear?  You wonder how to brace yourself for potentially bad news.  And you try to think positive, because of course you believe in the power of positive thoughts and all that.  But you wonder, when you crawl back into your bed at the end of the day, will your life have been changed?  Will you have shed tears?  Will you get to continue on down the path you were on?  Or, will you find that you are being forced led down a different one (a path no one chooses to explore)?

I have a vet appointment this morning and a Doppler study to go to this afternoon.  The former is to examine the lump I found over the weekend on my 13+ …

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