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What’s all the Fuss?

President ObamaHe got to see it – his cousin at another school in a more Republican part of the state did not.  A speech by the President of the United States to the young students of our great nation – and it wasn’t aired to everyone? Parents in tears over the possibility of their school district letting their kids watch it?  Threats to pull children out of school because they might be subjected to hearing the President (OUR President) speak?  What is going on here????

All day I told myself breathe.  Just take a breath.  Yet every time I heard something more about it, I would feel my blood boil.  After all, the transcript of the speech had already been released the day before.  All concerned parties knew exactly what he was going to say.  But that was never really it anyway, was it?

Have we become so polarized that people from one political party would say their kids couldn’t listen …

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Change Has (Finally) Come

When this Zen Mama Wannabe’s kids look back on this day years from now, I think their story will be something like this:

Mom and Dad let us stay home from school that morning – something that never ever happened – just so we could all watch the Inauguration together.  Dad didn’t want to just record it and play it back for us later that evening – he wanted us to experience it LIVE, while it was happening in Washington D.C., as if we were there, a part of it.  He wanted us to be able to remember sitting together around the TV watching President-Elect Barack Obama take the oath of office.  It was a moment of history, he said.  Unlike any other we’d probably ever see in our lifetimes.  Mom even made us stand up every time they asked the audience in D.C. to stand up – just as though we were there too.  Dad just shook his head …

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You Say O-Bam-A, I Say O-Bom-A

The folks at my mom’s retirement home are having an ice cream social to celebrate Barack Obama being elected President of the United States.  “I just don’t get what all the fuss is about,” my mom complained.  Excuse me??  Don’t get the fuss??!!!  Even if you didn’t vote for him, and she didn’t, how can you not understand why so many in our country (and around the world!) are going wild over this?  I keep telling my children, “This is history.  Right here, right now, (“at this defining moment” to steal his elegant words) history is being made.”  I try to impress upon them the significance of what has happened and yet my own mother doesn’t get it? 

She jokes she is 1 of 3 Republicans living there.  Quite frankly, it surprises me.  I guess I stereotype older people in the Republican category (especially well-off older people).  But at her retirement home, you have never seen so many Obama pins …

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The Day After the Election

Less than 24 hours ago, the election officially ended and a new President of the United States was elected.  We – in this Zen Mama Wannabe’s household -  are overjoyed at the results. 

For the first time in either of our lifetimes, a candidate “spoke” to my husband and me – in a way no one ever has before.  For the first time, we gave money to a Presidential campaign (three times actually!) because we believed so strongly.  For the first time, we watched each and every debate as well as a multitude of political shows just about nightly because we were so engaged and interested in what he had to say.  For the first time ever, I cried while listening to an acceptance speech – and from what I saw on TV, mine were certainly not the only wet eyes.

When he was alive, my father would often remind me of one of his favorite sayings:

We all

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