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Zen Mama Wannabe » New Years
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New Year’s Resolutions that really Take the Cake

Are you like the 92 % of people that make New Year’s Resolutions only to soon find that you haven’t been able to keep them?   I never liked to think of myself like that, but during some end of year reflection I realized that my resolutions for 2011 were sounding a lot (ahem…exactly) like the ones I had set the previous year – and perhaps in all honestly, like the ones for the year before that!  The common definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting to get a different result.  So what was going to be different THIS new year?  How was I going to achieve success this time around?

There are a lot of things I want to do MORE of:  cook, write, exercise, spend quality time with my family, read…those are just the TOP ones.  But putting all that off to the side for the moment, how can I really

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Ringing out the Old, Ringing in the New

goalsI love this time of year.  I love reflecting over the past, thinking about what I accomplished – and what I did not.  Was the year all I wanted it to be – all I had hoped it would be?  What worked, what didn’t, and what can I use from all that as I sit here thinking of what I want the year AHEAD to be.  Call them resolutions (or not – as some people have a adverse reaction to that word).  Say they are goals, a roadmap, or a plan.  Just don’t miss out on this opportunity to make sure you are creating the life you want, you REALLY want, to lead.

This year is particularly fun, because not only can you look back for the past year, you can look back at the past decade.  Think of where you were back in the year 2000.  Then think of all that has happened in your life.  Perhaps you …

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Ready for the Best Year of Your Life?

The countdown is about to begin.  Out with the old, in with the new.  One year ends, another begins.  Do you use this time to reflect at all – to look back at all that has happened in your life during this year?  Do you think about what you accomplished – and what you did not?  Do you think about how to make 2009 even better?

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, my girlfriend informed me.  I think she is crazy not to – and told her so!  When is there a better time than NOW – as a year winds down?   It feels so natural. Sure you can make resolutions any time, but the calendar gives us a start (January 1st) and possibly a finish (December 31st  — if you set yearly goals). 

I don’t set them so I don’t break them, another friend told me (rather tongue in cheek – I HOPE).  But that is …

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So Long to Christmas

Well, are you done with the holidays?  When are they officially over for you?  Are you the one on your block that (still) has your outside lights up when it is Super Bowl Sunday?  Or do you have everything packed up and put away before the calendar changes for the New Year?

Previously, I liked to stretch it out as long as I could.  Which for me meant definitely through New Year’s Day.  But by the time the kids went back to school that first week in January, things were back in their boxes in the garage.  By then, it felt like it was time. 

This year, my plans are being dictated by our Christmas tree — the big, beautiful 8-foot tall one we got near the beginning of December.  The one I oohed and aahed over – and emphatically exclaimed was the “most beautiful tree I had ever seen.”   You say that every year, my husband reminded me.  …

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