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Aren’t You Glad?

Our food order got screwed up. It happens, right? We all got what we ordered except for my son – who received grilled cheese instead of the kids’ cheese pizza he had requested. Yes, it happens to all of us at one time or another. And like the famous saying about life, “it isn’t what happens to you, it is how you HANDLE it that counts.”

As soon as the food was delivered, my son immediately spoke up. He politely informed the waitress that he had ordered the cheese pizza. She agreed he had, apologized, and went back to the kitchen. Time ticked by. My husband got grumpy. We started feeding my son some of our French fries (ironic because I had told him he would have to order fruit or vegetables as his side, not the beloved steak fries. I had assured him we would share some of our fries with him, but had NO idea it would end …

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Disney’s Newest Princess

Meet Disney's Newest Princess

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Mama, how do you spell PRINCESS?

I get these requests frequently from my daughter.  About to start Kindergarten in only a few weeks now, she easily knows how to write all her letters; it is much to her dismay that she only knows how to spell a handful of words.

“I wanna tape this note up so I won’t forget about it.”

Ah yes, this is about that email I got from Disney, about their new Princess movie coming out in December.  My daughter was standing by me when I opened the email, so I showed her the trailer clip.  Was there a part of me that wondered if she STILL was into the whole Princess thing?  Was there any doubt that she would want to pass on a new Disney movie?  What was this Zen Mama Wannabe thinking?

I give her the tape and she proudly sticks her note up on my wall, right …

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Feeling Not So Perky

When my friend handed me the screening passes, it was hard not to jump up and down get excited.  A free movie – one we wanted to see anyway – one that was appropriate for both kids to watch (a rarity!) – and to get to see it BEFORE everyone else!  Sounded like a dream!

“You are so about the perks,” my husband said.

No-o-o!  It is all about the kids – look how excited they are – they have been wanting to see this since they first heard about it months ago. 

“Yeah.  Wonder who got them so excited about it??  You've got the whole night planned out. You and your rose-colored glasses!” 


Here we were – 3 excited family members with 3 free movie-screening passes.  No need to feel bad for my husband (he was going to be out of town on business); it would all work out perfectly.

Yet, as the date got closer, my …

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