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When You Realize What is Missing is YOU

A friend of mine is a bit lost.  She has been in the “Mommy Business” too long.  She has forgotten who SHE really is – other than a mother of 3 beautiful girls, wife to 1 somewhat demanding husband, and Playgroup Coordinator for the Moms Club she belongs to.  She loves being a mother, she loves her husband (the Moms Club position she could take or leave, I think) but over one too many glasses bottles of wine she confessed the secret many women carry around with them:  she has lost herself and doesn’t know WHERE to look – and is not even sure she has the time or energy to try.  Sound at all familiar?

When my son was 16 months old, we hired a babysitter for the first time so we could attend this high profile charity dinner.  My husband needed to go for business purposes; I desperately just wanted to get really dressed up and go out.  …

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When Your Dreams Come True

I always wanted to be a mom.  From the time I was a little girl running around with my baby dolls and stuffed animals all the way through my college years and beyond, motherhood was something I wanted most of all.  No other career seemed as important.  No other mission for my life as meaningful.  Being a mom was the pie in the sky.  But what happens when your dreams come true – and they do not quite match the Leave it To Beaver image you so intently dreamed of for so many years?

I had an entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age. When I was 4 years old, I dreamed of owning an ice cream parlor.  I still remember how vividly I could see it in my mind, down to the color and pattern of the tile floor and the fishbowl of lollipops on the tall soda fountain type counter.  Just as sure as I was of …

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