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Does it take a tragedy to make people behave better?

Not a scene from Washington - at least not yet!

Does it take a tragedy like the Tucson shootings to make people start behaving better?  It’s been so discouraging recently seeing our elected officials acting like petulant children in Congress, stomping their feet (and holding news conferences) whenever they don’t get their way, and resorting to name-calling worse than any playground in America. It’s as though they don’t want to REALLY solve problems but merely stonewall their opponents.  What about coming together for the greater good?  Apparently until recently that cause was long forgotten.  But maybe, now – after the horrible tragedy in Tucson we have an opportunity.

I came across this meditation/prayer again via Mimi Doe and her Spiritual Parenting Newsletter.  Imagine if we said it once a day for 30 days – I wonder what would happen?  I wonder how we’d feel?  I wonder if we, collectively, could help with changing the whole nasty vibe that …

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Letters to God

The kids and I are going to try something new.  We are each getting a journal of our very own.  And in it we will each write our own letters to God.  I’m viewing this as an experiment and I am very curious to see how it will turn out.  Will we stick with it?  Will this turn into something every more powerful than I am envisioning?  Will this go over as a huge hit – or a big flop?  Ever tried something like this?  How did it work for you?

It is no secret this Zen Mama Wannabe needs guidance right now – help and guidance that can only come from myself and a higher source.  A friendly pep-talk would be nice, but I need results, and short of that, I need relief from all this anxiety I am carrying in the pit of my stomach.  I am searching for the ways to get that right now – from …

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