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Making a List – Checking it Twice

Want to learn more about my magic?  Last week, I mentioned a magic potion to combat fear, but this works all the time — in the good times and the bad.  Any time.  Easy breezy to do – AND again, it works.  What are you waiting for?  Ready to give it a try?

Think of something you want.  A romantic partner, a new job, a new place to live (the possibilities are endless).  Write it down.  Then write down all the details.  What qualities does your ideal partner have?  What does this new job look like?  What would you need to be doing to have it be exactly the type of work you want?   Write down each thing.

Sometimes this is harder than you might think. So Michael Losier, author of the Law of Attraction, has a suggestion: first start by writing down all that you DON’T want.  What don’t you want in a job?  What don’t you want …

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