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Letter to Santa

No zip code needed for this one!

When I told the kids our plans for the holidays last night, I expected excitement, possibly some cheering, definitely lots of gleeful chatter. I did not expect the solemn looks on their faces as they continued to sit there in a quiet stupor.  Finally, my Little One spoke, in a voice that was almost a whisper.  “But Mama,” she asked, “What about Santa?  If we go away for Christmas, how will he know how to find us?”

Immediately my son – never one to stay out of a conversation for long – and obviously having had some time now to process all this – spoke up. “No – here’s what we need to do,” he said in his authoritative tone, sounding well past his 9 years of age. “You put a box by the front door, and then Santa can just leave the presents there and we get them when

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Labor Day – No School, but Why??

World Holidays Ok, I said to my kids as I tucked them into bed tonight.  No school tomorrow – it’s Labor Day. Do you know what Labor Day is all about or why we celebrate it? My son guessed it was for the people that fought in the war, then realized he was thinking of Memorial Day. As I saw the blank expressions on their faces, I knew I needed to rectify this straightaway. After all, if you get a day off of school (or work) I think it is important that you know why!

I was about to tell them all about this holiday celebrated on the first Monday of every September, but then I paused.  Was I really sure I knew what I was talking about?  I mean, I thought I knew…..but I’ve got a child (as some of you may relate to) who takes what is told and casts it in stone.  You don’t want to risk telling …

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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Do you ever find, especially during these hectic holiday months, that you have bitten off more than you can chew??  If so, what do you do?  Continue to keep chomping away until it becomes a manageable amount to swallow?  Or do you just spit it out and simply leave the table??

This weekend all my well-intentioned plans of a calm, relaxed December went out the window.  Panic set in.  All of a sudden I was buried in a never-ending To-Do list.  Unexpected gifts I now had to buy and ship off.  A stack of Christmas cards still waiting to be signed and mailed.  A big family tree project for my son’s 2nd grade class that required my help in gathering up all the info and now seemed to be taking on a life all of its own.  2 grandparent gifts that were FAR from done. It felt like it was all way too much.  Somehow this was not the way …

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Out of Control

Less than a month until Christmas….are you starting to feel the pressure, the tightening in your shoulders, the slight throbbing at your temples?  Are you beginning to feel like time is rushing by and yet there is still so much you need to do?  Are visions of lounging by the fire, sipping on hot cocoa seeming like a distance fantasy?  What do you do when you feel like things are spinning out of control?

I told myself this year would be different.  I identified two of my biggest stressors and was determined they would be done BEFORE December 1st – so that I would have time to enjoy the other things (decorating the house, baking cookies, and sure why not – lounging by the fire – sure sounds nice, doesn’t it?) 

To my credit I must say that I am very close to achieving that goal.  The cards have been ordered, the address labels have been printed, and as soon …

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