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Physician, Heal Thyself

I was knocked on my back (literally) last week by that nasty flu bug going around.  4 days of a fever I just couldn’t break.  Trying to pull it together long enough to get myself up and in the car to take the kids to and from school.  Nothing like getting that sick – especially when you NEVER get sick – when your husband is on a 2-week business trip.  And why was I THIS sick?  Because I had failed to take my own advice! I knew it and I blew it.  Oh Physician, heal thyself!

I have been doing affirmations, talking to the Universe, praying to God, listening to my Wayne Dyer audio books (and don’t forget the smoke signals and drum beating, my husband adds).  I have been very clear on my intention.  I have been trying to stay positive.  (Mistake number 1.  No “try” allowed.  As my little girl keeps telling me: Do or do not.

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