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Lunch time Blues

My son has a lunch date today – with his former 1st Grade teacher.  He has been looking forward to it all week.  I have been dreading it (as only a mother of an active member of the Picky Eaters of America club would do).

He missed the pizza party last week, for the students that completed those thick packets she handled out at the end of last year.  My son had an incentive to work hard during the summer, doing so many workbook pages per day, so that he could join her for this pizza party once the new school year started.  Then, wouldn’t you know it, the party was scheduled for last Friday – when we were to be out of town. Sweet teacher that she is, she told him they could have lunch together THIS week – just the two of them (!!!) and she would bring the dessert.  My son is thrilled; I been worrying about …

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Starting a *Foods They Will Eat* List

Making a list, checking it twice….not such a bad idea. Thanks to some good comments I received last week, I’m thinking of doing just that as I attempt to tackle this picky eating situation.  I remember a good friend of mine in LA did the same thing; she had a piece of construction paper posted on her fridge and on it were all the foods her son would eat.  Each time he tried and liked something new, it got added to the list.  His list got fairly long as I recall…I was pretty impressed. 

Another added plus of the list:  it helps you think of things to make for dinner.  Sometimes we get in a rut of only making a few different things for our kids (the no-brainer items that we’re sure they’ll eat without too much of a fuss – because, after all it’s the end of the day and who has the energy to deal with a big …

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