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Does Flying Make You Nervous (too)??

AirFranceDoes hearing about these tragedies make you feel uneasy to fly??

I don’t get to fly that often, and I admit I am usually 50 percent excited to be going (anywhere!), 50 percent nervous that something might go wrong.

I know all the arguments about how airplanes are safer than cars, blah blah blah….and I get it; but I can’t help but also get those little butterflies in my stomach when the plane engines fire up for take-off. 

I remember taking a trip only weeks after JFK Jr.’s horribly sad plane accident back in 1999.  My flight happened to be out over the Pacific Ocean when we hit turbulence and I can still remember that feeling of sheer terror I felt as I gripped the armrest and wondered my fate.  We bumped around for probably 30 seconds or so – then everything was fine – the high drama was over.  But yikes! 

I was actually flying back and forth across …

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Is that a Bird or a Plane — or Santa??!

My son spied Santa last night.  If you had been there you might have thought it was just a shooting star or an airplane high in the dark night sky or something.  But apparently you can’t fool my guy. 

“Hey – Wow!  I just saw Santa flying in the sky!” 

“You – you did?” my husband asked him.  They were driving home from the mall after doing some last minute shopping for yours truly.

“Yep.  I think he was flying around on his sleigh.”

“But, it’s not Christmas Eve yet.  Why would you think Santa would be out in his sleigh?”

“I think he was flying around checking on some of the boys and girls.  And he probably wanted to work on his route.  He’s getting ready for Christmas Eve.”  Uh, duh, dad.

When they came home and told me, he was still pretty excited.  He brought it up again while I was tucking him in bed. 

“I bet

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