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And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

One Hundred and Four.  No – that is not the new Disney Dalmatian movie; it is the number I saw on the ear thermometer after taking my daughter’s temperature yesterday.  This would be AFTER I took her to doctor’s office that morning to have her chin looked at.  AFTER hanging out at the Dentist for nearly an hour waiting around during my mom’s appointment.  AFTER gymnastics class – where she did say she was chilly, but everyone was shivering in the big, cold space, so I didn’t think anything of it.  AFTER we finally got home and she started whining that her legs hurt.  AFTER she fell asleep on my bed (and this little one never voluntarily lies down and takes a nap anymore).  AFTER this Zen Mama Wannabe finally put it together that something was wrong, felt her head and immediately took her temperature.  104 and rising.  Like Tom Cruise’s character says in the movie A Few Good Men

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