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Ending Dinner on a Sweet Note

Do your kids have dessert every night?  Is it a regular part of your mealtime – or only done as a special treat?  What is your feeling on this?  Is it better when it is thought of as “no big deal” instead of a hugely sought after treat that only occurs on special occasions?  And how is this shaping our children’s eating habits – now and in the future?

I grew up in a household that had dessert every night.  My mom is of the generation that regularly baked homemade pies, cakes, etc. and served them after supper each night.  That lessened to a great degree after I was born, but we still had ice cream or pudding or SOMETHING to cleanse our palate. 

My mom is all about moderation.  She would have a sliver of pie or a small (tiny by today’s standards) bowl of ice cream.  Just enough to end the meal on a sweet note.  She is …

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Eating Habits of a 4-year old

Ever had a routine question thrown at you that made you stop and pause?  An innocently asked question to merely gain information, with no intent of questioning your parenting, but through which you realize you have one messed-up situation on your hands?

“So then, what DOES she eat for lunch?”  There is is – the million dollar question that has thrown me into a tailspin.  The head of my Little One’s new preschool simply asking me what my daughter usually eats for lunch, since she’s been there at preschool camp for three days now and has yet to find a meal to her liking. 

You know it is a doozy of a question when you start stammering, “Uh…uh…well uh, apples and peanut butter….uh…”  But peanut butter isn’t something they can serve and yes, she tells me, she knows my Little One likes fruit – it’s been the only thing she has nibbled off her plate.  “What she does eat for …

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