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The UPS Delivery

UPSWe got a phone message from UPS early this morning saying they would be delivering a package today that required a signature.  I was surprised: I hadn’t ordered anything (lately) and since when did UPS call you first to tell you about a delivery?  Ooh – a package, a package! And one you had to sign for too.  My kids were jumping up and down.  We all couldn’t wait to find out who was sending us a Christmas present.  A few hours went by before it hit me; I suddenly realized what the package was – and being home to receive it was the last thing I wanted to do.

I know what the package is, I told husband.  The one being delivered today that we have to sign for and that they called ahead time about.  It’s Remy.

You see when a pet dies, you have several burial options – and yes, you’re hit with these things …

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How Do You Heal a Broken Heart?

RemyHeart“You know how it feels?”  My 8-year old son finally put it into words. “Like my heart has cracked in two, and a piece of it is now gone.”

Yes, I know.  I feel the same.

We lost a member of our family over the Thanksgiving weekend – our dear sweet Remy – who will always be remember by us simply as the best dog in the world.  She was 14, and as I’ve mentioned before, had been with me longer than my children OR my husband.  She was such a special dog – and in her quiet, unassuming way was such a big part of our family – and now she’s gone.

“We must have done something REALLY bad,” my son announced before he crawled into bed that night.  “Because when you do good, good things come back to you.  Since this is a bad thing….” he paused.   “Oh no, no!” I quickly corrected him.  “That doesn’t

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Fabulous Thing for Pet Owners

Our sweet old lady

Our sweet old lady

On top of recovering from a nasty bout with the swine flu, we had to take my beloved 14-year old dog to the vet yesterday.  Because of course, when it rains, it pours.  She had grown what looked like another black pad on the underneath side of her paw.  It really didn’t look abnormal, until you looked at her other front paw and saw that the other one didn’t have this extra part.  Still, we disregarded it, dealing with our own sickness and all the other things that come up in life – until Life said:  Enough!  Pay attention! The blood spots all over the hardwood floors and white carpet were much harder to ignore, so off to the vet we went.

We left the vet with stitches her in front paw where they surgically removed the growth and a pill bottle of antibiotics with instructions:  2 big horse pills to be given in the morning …

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Is the Waiting Really the Hardest Part?

Have you ever woken up in morning filled with nervous anticipation – wondering what the day ahead would bring?  Ever had doctor appointments scheduled in the hopes of providing answers – possibly answers you may not want to hear?  You wonder how to brace yourself for potentially bad news.  And you try to think positive, because of course you believe in the power of positive thoughts and all that.  But you wonder, when you crawl back into your bed at the end of the day, will your life have been changed?  Will you have shed tears?  Will you get to continue on down the path you were on?  Or, will you find that you are being forced led down a different one (a path no one chooses to explore)?

I have a vet appointment this morning and a Doppler study to go to this afternoon.  The former is to examine the lump I found over the weekend on my 13+ …

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