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Teachable Vacation Moments – But for Whom?

You take a trip, your kids do great, and on the last day you let them pick out a special souvenir.  Sound familiar?  But what happens if they lose that souvenir before they ever get home? Let’s say it gets left behind, at the hotel or on the airplane.  Your child gets home, eager to use it and it cannot be found.  The house gets searched, the car gets searched, the backpack gets checked over and over again – but alas, it’s not there.  Tears fall, his heart breaks, until a light bulb goes off in his head:  hey, I wonder if I can find it on Amazon?!

You know as he sits there clicking the mouse what the search result will be.  Yes, he will find it there – at even a slightly better price than you paid (thank you very much) at the gift shop.  But that isn’t really the point – is it?  The point is that …

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Give a Day, Get a Day

Disney friendsDo you always have your eyes open for volunteer opportunities, so that you can teach your kids (or perhaps remind yourself) the rewards of doing for others?  Do you often wish volunteering could be a bit easier, in terms of finding an organization to help, one that wants and needs your help, that would be feasible to go assist for a day?  Have you heard about Disney’s new Give a Day, Get a Day program?  This might be just the thing for you!

Basically, Disney says, Give a Day (of service), Get a Day (of free admission into Disneyland or Walt Disney World).  Don’t live near one of the parks, or aren’t too interested in visiting the Happiest Place on Earth?  (Shh – don’t tell my kids – they don’t believe people like that exist).  Never fear, it’s even better – you can still sign up and do the day of service, then have your free day donated to one …

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Disney’s Newest Princess

Meet Disney's Newest Princess

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Mama, how do you spell PRINCESS?

I get these requests frequently from my daughter.  About to start Kindergarten in only a few weeks now, she easily knows how to write all her letters; it is much to her dismay that she only knows how to spell a handful of words.

“I wanna tape this note up so I won’t forget about it.”

Ah yes, this is about that email I got from Disney, about their new Princess movie coming out in December.  My daughter was standing by me when I opened the email, so I showed her the trailer clip.  Was there a part of me that wondered if she STILL was into the whole Princess thing?  Was there any doubt that she would want to pass on a new Disney movie?  What was this Zen Mama Wannabe thinking?

I give her the tape and she proudly sticks her note up on my wall, right …

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