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The Fortunate Ones

We are not lucky, my father would tell me.  Luck is for people that win the lottery.  We are fortunate.

Thanksgiving was my dad’s favorite holiday (with the Fourth of July a close 2nd – as a former Lieutenant Commander in the Navy who fought in World War II, he was definitely a patriotic man).  He told me once people always selected Christmas as their favorite time of year, as if that was the right and proper answer (with the birth of Christ and all).  But for him, it was Thanksgiving.  That 4th Thursday in November – a day dedicated to giving thanks, for acknowledging your blessings, and yes, for realizing just how fortunate you are.

Today it feels like all of us are dodging bullets on our own private battlegrounds.  I scolded my husband for saying we are all just one blink away from disaster/crisis/tragedy (fill in the blank) – but he is right.  It is as though we …

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