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Charging up for the Holidays

Christmas is coming — the goose is getting fat
Won’t you please put a penny in the old man’s hat?
If you haven’t got a penny…just charge it like you do
No room on your charge card?  God bless you.


Just a little wannabe humor for something really not so funny at all.  The holidays are quickly approaching and the majority of Americans do all their shopping using their credit cards.  So what is happening in the credit card sector right now is concerning, to put it mildly. The predictions are that this will be the next big thing to hit Main Street. Even consumers who pay their bills on time and currently have high credit scores are being affected! No one can afford not to take notice.

The New York Times is likening it to the mortgage crisis, saying, “Now comes the credit card crisis.”  There is more and more talk among financial experts that even …

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