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Planner or Participant?

Tis the Season….for those good ol’ control issues to flair up again.  Holiday festivities equal events where family gathers together, which means a variety of personal agendas and various power struggles.  Heck, you don’t even need the holidays to witness this; if you look carefully, these types of interactions are all around us.  How can we stay sane in the midst of all this hankering for control?  My oldest and dearest friend has talked me off the ledge numerous times with an interesting technique.  See if it might work for you.

My best friend sums it up like this, “You are either the Planner or the Participant.”  As the Planner, you take charge, figure it out, make the plans, have the control.  As the Participant, you go along; you are agreeable to what the Planner has worked out.  No fighting for the reins – you sit down, shut up and let the Planner steer the wagon.

As women it …

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