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Lotus and the Golden Pearl – teaching peace to kids


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If there is one thing I’m always in search of (during the holiday season or just throughout the year) it is peace.  Peace in my head, peace in my home, peace among my children – I want it any and every way I can get it.  One of my biggest wishes is for my children to know of the peace I search for.  Best case would be leading by example, but it doesn’t always work that way for me.  So when this Zen Mama Wannabe finds a tool to help me with this, I want to shout it from the mountain tops – or at least as far as my little voice can carry.

In this particular case, the tool I found is a book – one that helps teach lessons without kids even realizing it.  It’s called Lotus and the Golden Pearl – A Young Girl’s Peace Odyssey and it’s an easy to read …

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