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How Many Candles on the Cake?

Mama, there aren’t enough candles on the cake! My Little One was worried.  She knew from all the talk that Grandma was having a “BIG” birthday – and yet there were only 7 candles on the cake.  Even though I was rushing around, trying to get everything ready, I could see my 5 year old was trying to make sense of it all.

Let’s call it a candle for every decade,” I threw out there, knowing as soon as the words were out there it was going to be problematic.

But that’s not right,” My son immediately spoke up.  “A decade means 10 years and she is turning 90.  You don’t have enough candles!

I had moved on to getting the dessert plates out, and revisiting the candle situation was not what I had in mind.  “Guys, it doesn’t matter!”  Seeing their unconvinced faces out of the corner of my eye, I …

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Lighting a Birthday Candle

candle1Today we remember my dad. He died when I was 6-months pregnant with my first child.  He would have been thrilled to hear I was having a boy – but I hadn’t told him (or anyone) yet.  Wanted it to be a surprise and all.  Sadly the surprise was on me.

My children know all about their Grandpa Henry because I tell stories – of things he used to say (“Oh, full count.  Pitcher’s in a hole.”) and things he did (like laugh so hard trying to tell this one joke that he never could make it all the way through).  Mostly though, I tell them of his insatiable desire to always learn more.  It kept him young, I think.   That and his good attitude of being appreciative and grateful for all that he had.

Every year now on his birthday, I light a candle in his honor and let it burn all day long (ok – or …

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Tell Me the Story of When I was Born

There is no way this day could have snuck up on me.  My Little One has been talking about it for MONTHS.  I got a bit of a reprieve when I told her we needed to get through Christmas first, but by the time 2009 rolled around and the holiday decorations were put away, she was back at it again.  Planning… coordinating… down to the littlest detail… what kind of birthday party to have.  After all, this was no ordinary birthday (although I doubt “ordinary” is a word any child would use when talking about those single digits celebrations).  This one was extra special – the big 05.  Quite a year.

The biggest and best thing about being 5 means you get to go to Kindergarten – and what can be better than that?!  She knows (from previously being dragged there every morning dropping off big brother) what exciting things happen in those "big kid" classrooms.  Stories, songs, painting, art …

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