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How to Not be a Knucklehead Coach


A must read for all parents AND coaches!

So much is said about sports parents these days, and rightly so. As the joke goes, remember the players are kids, the coaches volunteer and the umpires are human – it’s not major league baseball you’re watching as you sit on those cold metal bleachers at your town’s local baseball field. In other words, parents, sit down and shut up. What is not talked about as much are the coaches. These men we entrust our children to for a third of the year. Each season is an opportunity for both coaches and players – but perhaps the real question is: an opportunity for what?

I think back to the coaches we had – men with demanding careers who were willing, some even eager, to put in all that extra time to coach a large group of boys.  They were all coaching their son’s baseball team, but their own love of the …

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Dangerous Weapons at Ballparks Everywhere

We say to our children No Weapons at School – and no one questions our judgment.  But what about when our kids are on the baseball field?  We’re not only letting them play with the weapons, we’re putting them in their hands! They stand there, gripping them tightly, swinging them soundly, just hoping and praying for contact. The sound of the ball pinging off the aluminum is heard throughout bleachers at baseball fields all across the country this time of year.  But have we as parents (you know, the responsible ones) ever stopped to consider that maybe what our kids are swinging are deadly weapons – and maybe this is something we need to rethink?

Last week in a near-by community a high school pitcher for Marin Catholic was on the receiving end of one of those weapons.  They estimate that the ball was going about 100 miles per hour after making contact with the metal bat.  The poor …

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Do News Events really need to be Life Lessons?

If my husband knew I did it, I doubt he’d be too happy.  I can see the look on his face as he’d ask me in THAT tone, “You said WHAT?”  Why would you say that?  What were you thinking?”  And I’d get mad at him, for questioning me, for taking me to task for my actions.  From practice I’m afraid I can play it all out only too well.  Thankfully he is in NYC all week, so busy with work things that he hardly remembers our names.  When he gets home, there will be other things to talk about – in fact, this may never come up.  So the one left here to question my actions, my common sense, is ME.  And now that I’ve had some time to contemplate it all, I think my husband (if he had said all that to me) would have been right.  Ooh, I hate when that happens!

It was a …

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Pet Peeves or Sour Grapes?

Ever had an innocent discussion turn into a full-blown rant? This happened to me while my in-laws were visiting and while on my soapbox, this Zen Mama Wannabe discovered a major pet peeve:  perks for high level corporate America the rich at the expense of all the rest of us the poor.  More specifically, I got worked up about frequent flyer miles and corporations buying the best seats at professional baseball games.  I know – you are worried about me already, but let me explain.

I am all for frequent flyer miles.  I got a credit card with a horribly high interest rate just because it offered frequent flyer miles for every dollar I spent.  I have earned and used two “free” round-trip airline tickets through this card and have the points accumulated for two more.  Not that I see a trip in our future with our expenses running so high lately (I’m definitely feeling poor these days) but hey …

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