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Average?? or Extraordinary??

LightingTheirFireI am not interested in being average. For myself or my kids.  Children first come us as these beautiful souls.  I believe our job is to help guide, shape, and encourage them to live up to their full potential as extraordinary human beings.   Just as I am always working to better myself, I am also constantly working on how I can help my kids become better too.  I don’t mean in sports or academic subjects – I am talking about something much bigger and grander (and more important, in my view) – LIFE.

In Life, I want my kids to choose to be kind.  To always have good manners and a fire in their belly to keep learning more.  I want my kids to soar.  To figure out what is to be their contribution to the world – and then make it.  I am not interested in them being just like all the others.  I see what the pack is …

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