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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

The kids’ passports arrived today. The ones we had to have expedited to us to ensure we’d get them in time – before our big trip.  The trip.  My dream trip – to Italy, France and England – all places I have never been.  I’ve been planning it for months (years really, if you count my dreams) and our departure date is less than 4 weeks away.  And now I think we can’t go.

I’m conflicted, torn, trying to figure out the “right” thing to do.  There is no easy answer.  It is all coming down to a gamble on the “What ifs” and it is becoming a gamble I am not sure I can make.

My mother is not doing well. Funny that 6 words can convey that much. But those 6 words speak volumes of what I’ve been going through lately, even explaining why the kids’ passports needed to be rushed; my head hasn’t been in …

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