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Giving Up on Giving?

On Day 10 of our 29-Day Giving Challenge, we were faced with a dilemma.  It was nearly time for the kids to go to bed and nothing had been recorded as a Give for that day.  What do we do?  Do we GIVE each other hugs and call it a day?  Write it down on our daily calendar as if we had truly accomplished something?  Or, do we admit we blew it and start all over again?  Does it really matter – in the big scope of things?  Do I dare damper my children’s enthusiasm for this wonderful project by making us begin again – or do we keep going and just try harder on the future days?  What would you do??

Give 29 things away in 29 days – it is simple concept.  It almost makes you want to go through your house, find 29 things you no longer use, give them away to charity and call it …

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More on the 29-Day Giving Challenge

I spent a good portion of our dinner table conversation last night talking to the kids about the 29-Day Giving Challenge.  I am really excited about this in a whole new way now – not just as something I want to do for me, but as a fabulous teaching opportunity for my children.

You should have seen their faces at first – when I said it is about giving away 29 things in 29 days.  I could see the fear gripping at them, thinking I was suggesting another cleaning out of toys and books for charity.  It was only just a few months ago that they started getting comfortable with that concept.  Up until then, if I tried to gather up some old toys to take down to the local charity drop-off box, they would immediately insist on playing with THOSE toys.  Toys they had not touched in years were now the ones they were attached …

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