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5 Steps to Becoming A+

School is about to start…new books to read, new things to learn….for ME, I mean.  Lately this Zen Mama Wannabe has been feeling like my parenting skills need a overhaul refresher course.  What do I do when I get a bit down about things like this  —  when my character flaws, my permanent wannabe status, leads me to feel so far away from the mom I REALLY want to be?

  1. I beat myself up a bit.  An important step, I think, as long as you don’t wallow in it.  Admit to yourself you are not where you want to be.
  2. Educate yourself.  Before you know which diet to go on, for example,
    you need to research the various ones to find the best match for you.
    So many people eliminate or avoid this step, yet I feel it is a crucial
    one.  How can you devise a plan without all the facts/information?  Go
    to your toolbox and figure out the

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Best Bumper Sticker I’ve Seen

Ever seen a bumper sticker that can sum up your views on parenting, friendship, heck – even life (!) in just 4 words?


Even discovered a website (called Agatha and Louise) that not only sells the bumper stickers, but hats and t-shirts too!  Guess this Zen Mama Wannabe is not the only one that finds these good words to live by!

Another good reminder, for me anyway, that so often our best teachers are right there in front of us!  …

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