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Physician, Heal Thyself

I was knocked on my back (literally) last week by that nasty flu bug going around.  4 days of a fever I just couldn’t break.  Trying to pull it together long enough to get myself up and in the car to take the kids to and from school.  Nothing like getting that sick – especially when you NEVER get sick – when your husband is on a 2-week business trip.  And why was I THIS sick?  Because I had failed to take my own advice! I knew it and I blew it.  Oh Physician, heal thyself!

I have been doing affirmations, talking to the Universe, praying to God, listening to my Wayne Dyer audio books (and don’t forget the smoke signals and drum beating, my husband adds).  I have been very clear on my intention.  I have been trying to stay positive.  (Mistake number 1.  No “try” allowed.  As my little girl keeps telling me: Do or do not.

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My New Favorite Saying

While in New York City on business this past week, my husband saw this sign posted in a coffee shop.  Guess he knew it was just what this Zen Mama Wannabe needed to hear, especially this past week!

It is all going to be ok in the end. 
If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

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Making a List – Checking it Twice

Want to learn more about my magic?  Last week, I mentioned a magic potion to combat fear, but this works all the time — in the good times and the bad.  Any time.  Easy breezy to do – AND again, it works.  What are you waiting for?  Ready to give it a try?

Think of something you want.  A romantic partner, a new job, a new place to live (the possibilities are endless).  Write it down.  Then write down all the details.  What qualities does your ideal partner have?  What does this new job look like?  What would you need to be doing to have it be exactly the type of work you want?   Write down each thing.

Sometimes this is harder than you might think. So Michael Losier, author of the Law of Attraction, has a suggestion: first start by writing down all that you DON’T want.  What don’t you want in a job?  What don’t you want …

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A Magic Potion to Combat Fear

Okay I want something to happen right now.  Really badly.  I mean really really badly!  It isn’t actually that I want it – it’s more like I NEED it to happen.  And it hasn’t happened yet.  So I’m full of fear – fear that it won’t and I (we) will be stuck.  Fear that it won’t and we will miss out on a current opportunity.  Fear that we are in a nose dive right now, heading straight for a crash.  I know we’ll pull out in time (before we hit bottom) but I’m feeling the fear of a hair-raising, white-knuckle ride along the way. 

What do you do when you are feeling like this?  (DO you ever feel like this??)  What do you tell yourself in those dark moments, when you are really feeling worried or afraid?  What do you do to combat the fear?

I SAY it’s all gonna be all right.  It’s all going to work out.  …

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Change Has (Finally) Come

When this Zen Mama Wannabe’s kids look back on this day years from now, I think their story will be something like this:

Mom and Dad let us stay home from school that morning – something that never ever happened – just so we could all watch the Inauguration together.  Dad didn’t want to just record it and play it back for us later that evening – he wanted us to experience it LIVE, while it was happening in Washington D.C., as if we were there, a part of it.  He wanted us to be able to remember sitting together around the TV watching President-Elect Barack Obama take the oath of office.  It was a moment of history, he said.  Unlike any other we’d probably ever see in our lifetimes.  Mom even made us stand up every time they asked the audience in D.C. to stand up – just as though we were there too.  Dad just shook his head …

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Let Go of the Rice

There is a story my husband would tell me when we were first dating.  It had to do with monkeys out in the jungles of Africa (isn’t this what YOU usually talk about when you are first dating someone??).  It went something like this:

       These villagers in Africa were having a hard time capturing these monkeys.  Finally someone got wise and using some sort of container with a small opening on top (an empty gourd or carved out coconut – the story is a little fuzzy to me after all this time), they filled it with some rice and left it out for their “guests.” 
       The monkeys, being the curious little creatures that they are, would run over to it, and eventually stick their hand in the gourd to get the rice.  They would grab a big fist full of it and then go to pull their hand out, only to find their hand was stuck!  The hole …

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When Was the Last Time You…

This Zen Mama Wannabe wants to know when was the last time you…

  • Ate dessert first?
  • Sang out loud in the shower?
  • Smiled at the trash man, busboy, janitor, meter maid, grocery store bagger?
  • Held the door open for someone?
  • Sat down and read a whole book in one sitting (or close to it) because it was that good?
  • Drove in your car with the windows down letting the fresh air (not the A/C) blow all around you?
  • Did an extra nice deed for a friend or family member – without wanting anything in return?
  • Walked barefoot on the grass?
  • Watched a sunset?
  • Just sat – without feeling the pressure or guilt like you should be doing x,y or z instead?
  • Turned the music up loud when your favorite song came on?
  • Sent someone special flowers (but not for a birthday or holiday)?
  • Enjoyed an excellent meal, or good drink, or preferable both?
  • Actually talked to the stranger in the

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In Need of a Little Good News

So it is official — we are in a recession.  As if we common folk were not able to read the signs over the past months ourselves, today the announcement from the National Bureau of Economic Research made it official.  And most economists predict this current downturn will be the most severe since the 1981-82 recession.  Sounds just like it looks outside my window today:  dark gray and gloomy. 

This news doesn’t depress me because it really doesn’t feel like “news.”  They say we have been in this recession since December of 2007.  Certainly the telltale signs have been making themselves known since that time.  What does depress me is another sign of the greedy and gluttony in America.  More specifically, I mean the man who was trampled to death at the Wal-Mart in New York on Black Friday. Even with the weekend to process it, this Zen Mama Wannabe still can’t get my head around what happened. 

We are …

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6 Pieces of Sisterly Advice

If you had a little sister, what pearls of wisdom would you insist on sharing with her?  There is Mom – Daughter advice of course (we all have been at least one part in that equation) but that is a bit different than what I am talking about here.  Imagine having (if you don’t in “real life” as my daughter always calls it) a younger sibling who could benefit from hearing what you have discovered by going ahead on this journey called life.  If you could share 5 (or 6) things that you’ve learned….what would they be?

Singer Alanis Morissette has a song about how she recommends “walking around naked in your living room” and “biting off more than you can chew” to anyone.  Perhaps her list is a bit more tongue in cheek, but it got me thinking of what MY list might look like.  Here is what this Zen Mama Wannabe’s sisterly advice would be:

  • If possible, get

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A Letter of Thanks – to You!

To My Readers…friends known and not known,

On our National Day of giving thanks, I too have much to be thankful for.  Quite simply, it is YOU.  Thanks so much for tuning in.  For taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this Zen Mama Wannabe’s take on trying to stay sane in the midst of chaos. 

It has always been a goal a dream of mine to write.  At various times, I have fancied myself writing novels, children’s books, magazine articles – heck, even having a monthly column in some popular women’s or parenting magazine.  Dream big – that’s what I always say.  ☺

I do have big dreams for the future, even here on this site.   Be on the lookout for a new look as well as a few more little goodies that will be coming in the months ahead.  But for this moment, I just remain thankful – thankful to be able to express

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