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Location Location Location

Are you happy living in your present location?  Are you there by choice – because it truly is a place you WANT to live?  Or are you there due to work obligations? (After all, the pull of a paycheck IS a strong one).  What if you could CHOOSE your location, where would you go?  And when you set aside that fantasy and look around and see where you really are, do you feel okay with that?  Real estate agents always say the mantra, but I wonder if it’s true:  does location REALLY matter?

More importantly, I guess what I’m wondering is: can you be happy in ANY location?  If you were told you had to move 100 miles north or east (or what if it was 1,000?) would you say, “Yea!  Great! Now I’ll get to be in the _____!” (Fill in the blank:  desert, forest, suburbs, country, city, etc).  Or would your reaction be one of instant dismay or …

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What is Memorial Day all About?

For most people Memorial Day weekend is about barbecues and enjoying an extra day off with friends and family.  That is how it has been for us — well, until THIS year anyway.

This year (my son’s first year in Cub Scouts) we had the privilege of planting flags in the veterans’ graves at the Presidio in San Francisco.  It was the perfect backdrop to talk about why we celebrate Memorial Day.  (Sadly, you might be surprised at how many kids and adults don’t know the reason).  As he diligently worked, we read some of the names of these brave men and the dates they died – some of them well over a century ago!

It was a very poignant morning and well worth the early morning wake-up call.  As we looked back at the cemetery once all the scouts’ work was done, and saw the flags standing straight and tall on each grave marking, I felt goose-bumps appear on …

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The View at Sunset

Friday Night Sunset

Oh, Mama – Come look,” my Little One called out to me, “Heaven is on fire!

(Don’t you just love kids??  Here this Zen Mama Wannabe thought she was merely looking at another beautiful sunset.)


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A Horoscope to Listen To

Horoscope Saw my horoscope the other day and it really stuck with me:

You are so accustomed to certain liberties you don’t even know you are free. Increase your awareness of the ways you’re unbound, uncontrolled and unregulated.  Celebrate the many possibilities open to you.

It wasn’t just written for Aries – it is a powerful message to all of us, I think.  And it really made me think.

There are the freedoms to be able to speak out, to cast a vote, to not have to have your head covered, to be able to go out in public alone.  Those seem obvious to us (although having just read and discussed Three Cups of Tea with my kids, I am reminded that those conditions do exist in the world more often than I realize).

But what really hit me was all the smaller “liberties” I have that go unappreciated day in and day out.  Being able to be a stay-at-home mom …

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Nominated for Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks Award!

For Local Blog
in San Francisco

Yes, I know it is a mouthful, but this blog has been nominated for Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect 2009 Parents’ Picks Award. If you enjoy reading Zen Mama Wannabe as much as I enjoy writing it, please click on the link on the left – or go to: http://www.nicksparentspicks.com – and share the love by voting for me in the local blog category for the San Francisco area.

This nationwide online poll goes from now through July 15, 2009.  So vote now, vote often (yep – once a day, every day, if you want) and help spread the word.  All votes and comments are much appreciated!

By the way, Nichelodeon’s ParentsConnect features the tagline:  “We’re not perfect, we’re parents.”  If that is not a Zen Mama Wannabe saying, then what is?!  It’s like peanut butter and jelly — as my son tells me, “Aww… a perfect combination.”  Of course the peanut butter usually sticks to …

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Can’t Judge a Book By its Cover

Have you seen this YouTube video clip that is circulating around? Please overlook my lack of technical ability (I sadly cannot figure out how to embed a video in this article) and just click on the link the old-fashioned way.  You really need to watch this.

This particular recording of what transpired on the hit show Britain’s Got Talent is roughly 7 minutes, which I know sounds like a long time to sit there watching, but the time will FLY by, trust me.  I normally hate these “Oh you just have to watch this” type of thing, and therefore usually don’t, but my sister’s note in an email last night compelled me to take a look.  Yeah, this clip has been flying around the internet — and yeah, it really is one you have to see.

I have now watched it several times, and each time this Zen Mama Wannabe gets MORE teary-eyed than before!  Goose-bumps run up …

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How do you Say Good-bye?

I got word that one of my aunts is not doing very well.  Okay, let’s be blunt (although I choke on the words): she is dying.  She was a big part of my life growing up and a wonderful lady – then and now.  I was fortunate to get to talk to her briefly on the phone yesterday.  As I dialed the phone, I knew this would be the last time I would hear her voice.  And part of me couldn’t help but wonder…how do you say good-bye – when you know it really will be a final good-bye?

Her voice sounded surprisingly strong and she made reference to her situation.  She said she was tired and something to the effect of just waiting for it to happen, for her to depart.  And I can’t help but feel I was offered an opportunity there and I blew it.  She was being honest, and instead of meeting her with the same …

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We Have No Problems

You think you have problems??  Ok, put ‘em on the table.  Whaddya got?  A teenager who keeps staying out after his curfew?  A 2-year old that won’t sleep through the night?  Jeans that won’t fit? A credit card company that lowered your available credit and raised your interest rate?

Or, maybe like this Zen Mama Wannabe, you find yourself having to move – in a week!  AGH!  We wanted needed to move – so that is a good thing – but everyone who has ever moved (especially recently so that some of the horror is still in your short-term memory) knows that moving sucks.  You always have more than you think.  You always start off trying to be so organized, and by the end you are just throwing things in boxes telling yourself you will sort it out when you get there.

Maybe on top of that you find yourself caught up in all the birthday party planning for your …

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A Hallmark Moment

Apparently I didn’t get the memo.  You know, the one stating that Valentine’s Day has become an all important, national holiday in and of itself.  I’m convinced Hallmark was the main lobbyist behind it; nonetheless it seems to be official.  So are you caught up in all the Hullabaloo or are you taking a Stop the Insanity stand against all that gets put on February 14th?

Valentine’s Day in theory is a great idea for a day.  I am all in favor of professing your love and devotion to that special person (people) in your life.  I enjoy large bouquets of flowers, decadent chocolate desserts and candlelit dinners for two.  A sweet, sentimental card from your sweetheart telling you the 9 things he or she adores about you is even better.  What I am NOT in favor of is being told that this is what we must do.  Somehow the sentiment spills away when someone is practically being forced …

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Don’t Eat the Lo Mein!

Way back when, during our single days, my husband and I had a date at this local, upscale Chinese restaurant.  Nestled in the Hollywood Hills, it was a place we didn’t frequent THAT often, and I was excited to go – not only for the food, but also to enjoy the company of the dreamy guy seated across from me.  We laughed and talked (they used to call this flirting) sipping on our drinks until our food arrived: 2 yummy dishes to share (does it get much better than this??)

Funny what you can learn dining with a person, isn’t it?  My husband had this way of eating one thing and THEN eating the next.  He didn’t like mixing it up too much.  I, on the other hand, liked to take a bite of this, and a taste of that, and then back to the first, etc.  (Really summed up our personalities, I think, at least back then).  He started …

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