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When Did it Become All About the Food?

“Max can eat fruit, just no strawberries or purple grapes as they don’t seem to agree with him.  Crackers and gold fish are fine but no popcorn as the kernels stick in his teeth and it becomes a whole thing.  Trust me.  Meat and cheese roll-ups are fine, just no turkey as I think it has too many chemicals for their little bodies.  And no juice please, as we don’t do juice after 2pm.”

I am listening to Max’s mom go on and on, having no clue why she is telling me all this.  Max isn’t moving in, he’s not coming to stay with us for the weekend – and then it dawns on me – she is telling me this for the upcoming playdate we have scheduled this week.  A regular playdate – something that lasts roughly 2 hours, give or take.  Seriously?  Am I going to have to take notes??

When did it become all about the food??  …

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A Letter to Oprah Winfrey

Dear Oprah,

You are an amazing woman and I am a huge fan!  I especially like how you have extended your reach and are gradually sharing more and more of your “Soul Series” type info – on your XM Radio program, via The New Earth 10-week class, in your magazine and even on your daily television talk show.  It was you that introduced me, a mere Zen Mama Wannabe, to the wonderful Dr. Oz and through him I have learned more about general health and my body than any doctor or book has ever taught me. 

So imagine my surprise when I was clicking through YOUR website and found this ad:


Although unwilling, I had to click through, to prove to myself that it was NOT as it appeared.  That this was NOT an ad on YOUR site promoting high fructose corn syrup.  Because what do Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen say over and over to stay away from:  …

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Starting a *Foods They Will Eat* List

Making a list, checking it twice….not such a bad idea. Thanks to some good comments I received last week, I’m thinking of doing just that as I attempt to tackle this picky eating situation.  I remember a good friend of mine in LA did the same thing; she had a piece of construction paper posted on her fridge and on it were all the foods her son would eat.  Each time he tried and liked something new, it got added to the list.  His list got fairly long as I recall…I was pretty impressed. 

Another added plus of the list:  it helps you think of things to make for dinner.  Sometimes we get in a rut of only making a few different things for our kids (the no-brainer items that we’re sure they’ll eat without too much of a fuss – because, after all it’s the end of the day and who has the energy to deal with a big …

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The Best Parenting Advice I Didn’t Take

They came to family dinners and had to eat separate meals — primarily pasta, one of the most kid-friendly foods in the world.  My mother would tisk that children in HER day ate what they were served and wouldn’t they just like to try some _____ (fill in the blank:  meatloaf, turkey, ham, vegetables, basically anything the rest of us were eating).  I told myself I would NEVER do that when I was a parent.  And now I find myself staring in the faces of two extremely picky eaters, who NEVER eat what the grown-ups eat – unless of course the grown-ups are eating pasta.  This must be karma’s wicked sense of humor. 

I was even warned ahead of time by my very best friend and one of the smartest mothers I know.  Don’t get in the habit of feeding your kids separate meals.  Let’s call that some of the best parenting advice I got and didn’t follow.  Shame on …

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Eating Habits of a 4-year old

Ever had a routine question thrown at you that made you stop and pause?  An innocently asked question to merely gain information, with no intent of questioning your parenting, but through which you realize you have one messed-up situation on your hands?

“So then, what DOES she eat for lunch?”  There is is – the million dollar question that has thrown me into a tailspin.  The head of my Little One’s new preschool simply asking me what my daughter usually eats for lunch, since she’s been there at preschool camp for three days now and has yet to find a meal to her liking. 

You know it is a doozy of a question when you start stammering, “Uh…uh…well uh, apples and peanut butter….uh…”  But peanut butter isn’t something they can serve and yes, she tells me, she knows my Little One likes fruit – it’s been the only thing she has nibbled off her plate.  “What she does eat for …

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All About Choices

It’s all about making choices.  I tell my kids this constantly.  You can CHOOSE to get upset (about big brother using up most of flat yard space to play his pretend baseball game, or little sister making a fairy house right in the middle of your outfield) or choose to handle it differently. (Like, here is a thought:  MOVE to another area.  We have lots of outside space to play in; why is it that they always have to be in the SAME space at the SAME time?!) Either way, it is your choice. 

I tell my husband this when he reluctantly has to accept an invitation to a mere acquaintance’s big birthday bash – on a Sunday afternoon when he’d much rather be hanging out at home, playing with the kids or puttering around.  You can CHOOSE to make the best of it, go with a good attitude and hopefully have a better time than you’re expecting – …

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