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Disney’s Newest Princess

Meet Disney's Newest Princess

Click to watch Trailer Clip

Mama, how do you spell PRINCESS?

I get these requests frequently from my daughter.  About to start Kindergarten in only a few weeks now, she easily knows how to write all her letters; it is much to her dismay that she only knows how to spell a handful of words.

“I wanna tape this note up so I won’t forget about it.”

Ah yes, this is about that email I got from Disney, about their new Princess movie coming out in December.  My daughter was standing by me when I opened the email, so I showed her the trailer clip.  Was there a part of me that wondered if she STILL was into the whole Princess thing?  Was there any doubt that she would want to pass on a new Disney movie?  What was this Zen Mama Wannabe thinking?

I give her the tape and she proudly sticks her note up on my wall, right …

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The Fuss about Twilight

TwilightOk, I’m a little late to the party. How could one not notice all the Twilight hoopla – because it’s EVERYWHERE.  The books, the movie, the stars….it’s been everywhere I’ve turned.  But, up until now, I have simply just turned away.  I dismissed the Twilight series movement as a teen thing (would someone ever be so blithe about Harry Potter?? I now see the errors of my way).  But last week I broke down did it – I picked up the book at Barnes & Noble and said those 8 little words, “I wonder what all the fuss is about.”  Then, I went one step further: I bought it and brought it home to read.  May I just say my life hasn’t been the same since!

I had no idea what to expect, other than something about vampires.  I know vampires are hip – the “in” thing – but I am so not a vampire type person.  Probably …

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Does Flying Make You Nervous (too)??

AirFranceDoes hearing about these tragedies make you feel uneasy to fly??

I don’t get to fly that often, and I admit I am usually 50 percent excited to be going (anywhere!), 50 percent nervous that something might go wrong.

I know all the arguments about how airplanes are safer than cars, blah blah blah….and I get it; but I can’t help but also get those little butterflies in my stomach when the plane engines fire up for take-off. 

I remember taking a trip only weeks after JFK Jr.’s horribly sad plane accident back in 1999.  My flight happened to be out over the Pacific Ocean when we hit turbulence and I can still remember that feeling of sheer terror I felt as I gripped the armrest and wondered my fate.  We bumped around for probably 30 seconds or so – then everything was fine – the high drama was over.  But yikes! 

I was actually flying back and forth across …

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Nominated for Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks Award!

For Local Blog
in San Francisco

Yes, I know it is a mouthful, but this blog has been nominated for Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect 2009 Parents’ Picks Award. If you enjoy reading Zen Mama Wannabe as much as I enjoy writing it, please click on the link on the left – or go to: http://www.nicksparentspicks.com – and share the love by voting for me in the local blog category for the San Francisco area.

This nationwide online poll goes from now through July 15, 2009.  So vote now, vote often (yep – once a day, every day, if you want) and help spread the word.  All votes and comments are much appreciated!

By the way, Nichelodeon’s ParentsConnect features the tagline:  “We’re not perfect, we’re parents.”  If that is not a Zen Mama Wannabe saying, then what is?!  It’s like peanut butter and jelly — as my son tells me, “Aww… a perfect combination.”  Of course the peanut butter usually sticks to …

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Swine Flu — Epidemic or Paranoia?

Mask Swine Flu…it is the number one leading news story everywhere you turn. It has preoccupied the nightly news shows and the Internet headlines.  Even before the WHO (World Health Organization) raised the alert today to a Phase Five – the second-highest rating there is (meaning it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent), we had gotten 2 emails from our School District Superintendent, one directly from my son’s principal, and another from my daughter’s preschool director.  Thus far, 100 schools across the USA have closed because of it.  The State of Texas (where the first death in the US from Swine Flu has been recorded) just suspended ALL its high school sports because of it.  So, I’m curious…how wrapped up in this are YOU??

To be honest, the economic woes we are facing as a country concerns me much more than this outbreak or flu epidemic.  Am I crazy?  Is this Zen Mama Wannabe out to lunch?  …

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Can’t Judge a Book By its Cover

Have you seen this YouTube video clip that is circulating around? Please overlook my lack of technical ability (I sadly cannot figure out how to embed a video in this article) and just click on the link the old-fashioned way.  You really need to watch this.

This particular recording of what transpired on the hit show Britain’s Got Talent is roughly 7 minutes, which I know sounds like a long time to sit there watching, but the time will FLY by, trust me.  I normally hate these “Oh you just have to watch this” type of thing, and therefore usually don’t, but my sister’s note in an email last night compelled me to take a look.  Yeah, this clip has been flying around the internet — and yeah, it really is one you have to see.

I have now watched it several times, and each time this Zen Mama Wannabe gets MORE teary-eyed than before!  Goose-bumps run up …

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We Have No Problems

You think you have problems??  Ok, put ‘em on the table.  Whaddya got?  A teenager who keeps staying out after his curfew?  A 2-year old that won’t sleep through the night?  Jeans that won’t fit? A credit card company that lowered your available credit and raised your interest rate?

Or, maybe like this Zen Mama Wannabe, you find yourself having to move – in a week!  AGH!  We wanted needed to move – so that is a good thing – but everyone who has ever moved (especially recently so that some of the horror is still in your short-term memory) knows that moving sucks.  You always have more than you think.  You always start off trying to be so organized, and by the end you are just throwing things in boxes telling yourself you will sort it out when you get there.

Maybe on top of that you find yourself caught up in all the birthday party planning for your …

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A Date with Oscar?

Tonight is the 81st Annual Academy Awards…do you plan on watching?  Between the actual award show with host Hugh Jackman, the Red Carpet Special immediately prior, plus the 90-minute arrival show and the 90-minute winners recap, there is over 7 hours of possible television viewing!  What’s your take?  Intriguing or insane??

Do you like to see what all the stars are wearing?  The beautiful dresses.  The “What in the world were they thinking?” attire.  The hairstyles.  The jewelry.  I confess I do.  Call it one of my escapes guilty pleasures (just like devouring People Magazine each week).  But that many hours in front of the TV has no appeal to me.  The papers and magazines do a good job with all their photos and recaps.  I might feel like I’m missing out – but not by much.

There was a year or two (way back in the 1990’s) where I actually saw all the nominated Best Movies, and most …

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Change Has (Finally) Come

When this Zen Mama Wannabe’s kids look back on this day years from now, I think their story will be something like this:

Mom and Dad let us stay home from school that morning – something that never ever happened – just so we could all watch the Inauguration together.  Dad didn’t want to just record it and play it back for us later that evening – he wanted us to experience it LIVE, while it was happening in Washington D.C., as if we were there, a part of it.  He wanted us to be able to remember sitting together around the TV watching President-Elect Barack Obama take the oath of office.  It was a moment of history, he said.  Unlike any other we’d probably ever see in our lifetimes.  Mom even made us stand up every time they asked the audience in D.C. to stand up – just as though we were there too.  Dad just shook his head …

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The Day After the Election

Less than 24 hours ago, the election officially ended and a new President of the United States was elected.  We – in this Zen Mama Wannabe’s household -  are overjoyed at the results. 

For the first time in either of our lifetimes, a candidate “spoke” to my husband and me – in a way no one ever has before.  For the first time, we gave money to a Presidential campaign (three times actually!) because we believed so strongly.  For the first time, we watched each and every debate as well as a multitude of political shows just about nightly because we were so engaged and interested in what he had to say.  For the first time ever, I cried while listening to an acceptance speech – and from what I saw on TV, mine were certainly not the only wet eyes.

When he was alive, my father would often remind me of one of his favorite sayings:

We all

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