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Quite simply, I am a mother, a wife and a woman (often forget about that last part of it all) striving for calm in the midst of chaos.

With 2 exuberant kids, a brilliant yet slightly preoccupied husband, not 1 but now 2 dogs constantly showing me optimism as they eagerly await their daily walk, on top of ANOTHER recent move to a brand new location this Zen Mama Wannabe often feels as though I have a lot I’m juggling on my plate.  Yes, less than some – and perhaps more than others – but a balancing act nonetheless (and often a challenging one at that)!

The move (as the others did before) meant a new job for the hubby, new schools for the kids, new friends for us all, and a few old worries thrown in the mix as well — funny how they come with you wherever you go!

I know how I wannabe – with my kids, my family and my place in the world.  I have a vision of how I wanna act and behave, the patience I wish to have ALL of the time (not just some of the time, and not only on a good day as it seems lately).  I know the type of person I wannabe – and I know how often I miss the mark.  Sometime narrowly, sometimes completely – but missing it nevertheless.

But that is okay, because as we’re told, perfection can often be an illusion.  It can, however, also be a great goal to work toward – which is what this Wannabe tries to do. (I hope with humor and grace – but that may be stretching it just a bit).

If only I could remember to breathe.



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