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Does it take a tragedy to make people behave better?

Not a scene from Washington - at least not yet!

Does it take a tragedy like the Tucson shootings to make people start behaving better?  It’s been so discouraging recently seeing our elected officials acting like petulant children in Congress, stomping their feet (and holding news conferences) whenever they don’t get their way, and resorting to name-calling worse than any playground in America. It’s as though they don’t want to REALLY solve problems but merely stonewall their opponents.  What about coming together for the greater good?  Apparently until recently that cause was long forgotten.  But maybe, now – after the horrible tragedy in Tucson we have an opportunity.

I came across this meditation/prayer again via Mimi Doe and her Spiritual Parenting Newsletter.  Imagine if we said it once a day for 30 days – I wonder what would happen?  I wonder how we’d feel?  I wonder if we, collectively, could help with changing the whole nasty vibe that has been infiltrating our news and media and lives far too long.

Starting today and for the whole month of February, that’s what this Zen Mama Wannabe is going to do.  I’ve written it down on a note card that I’ve placed by my bed.  Each morning I’m going to read it – filling in the names of each of my children and my husband too.  Then each day I am going to add someone else’s name as well.  Perhaps a relative or a good friend – someone I’m thankful for and blessed to have in my life.  Or perhaps I’ll put in the name of someone I don’t know – at least not personally: the President, a congressman or woman, the street beggar that always shows up on the same corner in our town.

I challenge you to join me and do the same.  Apparently Buddhists use this mediation to “cultivate openheartedness and centeredness in all relationships.”  But whatever your religious background and/or preference, I think this is a beautiful mantra that in less than 60-seconds a day just might have the power to change the world.  As Mimi Doe says, “Say the following words when you wish to transmit Love and send Light to your teen or anyone else.  The effects are remarkable.

Send Light and Love – The meditation of loving-kindness

May I be filled with loving kindness

May I be happy

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I be well

May (child’s name) be filled with loving kindness

May (child’s name) be happy

May (child’s name) be peaceful and at ease

May (child’s name) be well

May we be filled with loving kindness

May we be happy

May we be peaceful and at ease

May we be well

* * * * * * *

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