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Off to Neverland – 5 Reasons to go see Peter Pan

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Think of the happiest things

It’s the same as having wings

…You can fly! We can fly!  We can fly!

– from Walt Disney’s Peter Pan

I am in desperate need of “happy thoughts” right now, as I spend time sorting through my mom’s things and constantly replay the last 4 days we had together over and over in my head.  So when offered tickets to see the new stage production of Peter Pan as a blogging perk, I jumped at the chance.  Yes – that was exactly what was needed – a trip to Neverland!  I had been hearing all the buzz about the show, hot off of their opening in Kensington Gardens (London) and the fact that San Francisco was the premier city on the U.S. tour list was really quite something.  So I grabbed my two little sidekicks, always eager for a fun activity, and off we went.

It was just the distraction this Zen Mama Wannabe was looking for. And after the performance, I asked the kids what they thought.  Would they recommend it to their friends?  Other grown-ups? Their answer: an emphatic YES.  They had a lot of reasons; I helped them sum it up in 5.  Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Show is good for boys and girls. Pirates and sword fights for the boys, mermaids and fairies for the girls, my Little One explained.  It’s perfect – not too girly, but not just stupid boy stuff either.  (Ah, from the mouth of a 6 year old).
  2. Sets and costumes (especially on Hook’s nemasis: the crocodile) are way cool and the special effects unlike any we have ever seen. My son, the actor (having performed in 2 stage productions himself) loved how sets were switched out by going underneath the stage.  And as for the 360 degree background on the screens, it adds an element to it which is breathtaking at times.  We read that it is the world’s first fully 360 degree projected movie for live theater and believe me it feels very “state of the art.”  Or, according to one 9 year old I know…“WAY cool!”
  3. No bad seat in the house. No matter what your budget, if you are like me you are always holding your breath as you try and find your seats, wondering if they’ll be decent or not or if you’ll have a limited view of the stage, etc.  No worries here – being a theatre in the round, ALL the seats are good, including the ones highest up.  We sat one row away from the top and still felt like it was an intimate experience.   Or as the kids put it, “We could see great.”
  4. Actors do a great job. The cast didn’t just have to learn their lines and cues like a regular stage performance – they also had to learn to fly.  Make that fly high.  And spin.  And somersault.  They made it all seem effortless.  And Tiger Lily’s dance – amazing. All and all, very impressive!
  5. Bathrooms are really nice. I’m surprised we only visited them once during our time at Neverland (a record for my Little One I think) but we were certainly pleasantly surprised when we did.  Truly, I have never seen nice (fancier?) portable restrooms.  “These are like what the movie stars use!” my son proclaimed.  Not sure about that, but it really makes the whole experience that much nicer when the bathrooms don’t gross you out.

After we got home, we conferred with some good friends who had also gone to see it too.  Guess our list isn’t that unique as those were the things THEY mentioned too (except for the bathroom part – that didn’t come up – then again, bathroom trips may not be such a critical part for them (for us, it is something we get to experience on just about every outing we embark on – so yes, we know our bathrooms!).

Now for the good news, bad news.  Bad news is that it’s leaving San Francisco after September 5th.  So if you are in the Northern California area, you need to stop procrastinating and get your tickets now (you’ve only got a few weeks left and then poof – just like fairy dust, it’s gone)!  Good news:  the next stop is Orange County, CA – a mere hour or two drive for those in the LA/San Diego areas (not withstanding your horrible traffic – which I can say having lived down there for 30 years).

It is not the Walt Disney version of Peter Pan, which is a polite way of saying that some of the lines and content in the play surprised me a little bit (seemed a little more PG than G).  Neither my kids nor my friend’s children commented on that, so I think it either went over their heads or didn’t make as much as an impression as did the other stuff.  “Mom, plays are always a little different than the movie version,” my little theatre expert explains to me.  Right – got it – moving on.

In the end, my kids had a fun afternoon and I got my wish of taking my mind of other things.  We got to see something that felt very “hip and cool” and I must say, I always feel extra good anytime I expose my children to culture (plays, museums, music, etc).  When it’s not only “cultural” but fun too — now that is a win/win.  So yeah, I’d call that a good day!

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2 Responses to “Off to Neverland – 5 Reasons to go see Peter Pan”

  1. callieandbatido Says:
    August 24th, 2010 at 10:36 am

    I took my two young daughters to see the off Broadway production of Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan. Fabulous! A great family show!

  2. Madun Says:
    September 19th, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    I’m sorry, but I can’t take this seriously. The guy tucks a white shirt into his jeans, for chsrit’s sake. I’m not listening to a guy who can’t even dress himself.

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