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Fitness Wannabe or Content Couch Potato?

walkingfeetThere are 3 types of people, I’ve decided.  Exercise fanatics; active people who move their bodies on a regular basis, through regular walks, hikes, yoga, etc.; and couch potatoes.  I suppose I’ve been all three at various times in my life – but right now, I am definitely in group number 3.  I’m not happy about it – but am I concerned enough to make a change?  My best friend hopes so, which is why she sent me the exercise plan too easy to ignore.  Or so she thinks.

Oh, just like other diligent couch potatoes, I’ve got my excuses.  It is winter. Hibernation season.  It’s cold, often even rainy, outside.  I’ve been trying to be good about spending money as we get through Christmas and save for what I’m calling my Trip of a Lifetime (Europe 2010).

If money were unlimited (I love to play that game sometimes) I would join a Pilates studio and do Pilates several times a week.  I would have a personal trainer work with me on the other days.  I would look and feel fantastic (think abs of steel) and life would be wonderful.  Of course it would – it’s my daydream, and why would I dream any less than wonderful?!

But alas, money is not unlimited and choices have to be made.  My daughter has her after-school activities, my son has his, my husband is now taking guitar lessons (as a way to combat stress), and all these things add up.  Of course, I can sign up for something too – but what?  I hate any place that says they have an “Initiation Fee” – or worse, “No initiation fees for 30 days.”  I cannot help but feel I’m being scammed in some way.

The other piece of joining a fitness club, hopefully taking advantage of the no initiation fee, is then finding that after a few months you don’t go all that often.  You know, the class times aren’t really convenient.  The drive to and from the place is out of the way.  The classes you can attend are crowded and not so appealing.  Been there, done that, swore I learned that lesson a long time ago.

I’ve got friends who LIVE by their spinning class.  They wouldn’t miss it.  Sadly, I actually can relate; I can remember that feeling from running a LONG time ago.  That great place you get to where you actually don’t want to skip even one workout.  Though now it seems like a million miles away from where I am now — on my cozy couch, with big stack of magazines and nice cup of tea.

I even developed my own fitness plan as one of my New Year’s Resolutions.  Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.  I called it 15 Out, 15 In.  Yep – it was that easy.  Open your front door, walk for 15 minutes, turn around and walk home.  How can you beat that??  Everyone has one (a front door, that is – even when you’re traveling) and there was no real skill involved – you just need to know how to put one foot in front of the other.  Go as fast – or as slow – as need be.  Walk or even run.  Works for everyone.  Yep – brilliant.

So to say that I have yet to do my 15 Out, 15 In plan really speaks volumes on where I’m at right now.  Slug mode, apparently.  The list of reasons why exercising is so important (in terms of overall health, mood, fitness, etc) I know by heart, and yet seems to make me yawn.  Why is it when we KNOW we need to get up and move our bodies do we still just sit there, thinking, “Well…maybe tomorrow.  Yeah, tomorrow would definitely be better.”

So my best friend sent me this email, outlining the Couch-to-5K Running Plan, which claims to get people running 3 miles (a 5K) within 2 months.  “We’ll meet in NYC in May and do a 3-mile run through Central Park, “ she said convincingly.

Ok, so there is a goal, and having a goal is good.  Helps to motivate and all.  So why am I still on the couch?

Part of me says running a 5K is easy – too easy to have as a goal to work towards over 2 whole months.  This is coming from someone who has previously run a half marathon (13 long miles).  Someone who used to run 7 miles every other day.  Of course I’m not THAT person anymore.  I am the one here NOW, the one sitting on the couch, sipping her drink and flipping magazine pages.  But somehow part of me can’t get over the having to start at the very beginning thing.  I feel like I COULD go out and run a 5K right now, if I so desired.  Pretty hilarious coming from the lady that can’t even seem to get outside for an easy 15 Out, 15 In minute walk.

But this Zen Mama Wannabe has to do SOMETHING.  Whether one wants to lose a few pounds or not, everyone needs to move their body on a daily basis.  And more than just moving it to and from the sofa!  I want to get to that place where I can’t imagine missing a workout.  Where the extra energy you have due to exercising seems to just radiate from you.

So begrudgingly, I tell my best friend I will do the Couch to 5K Program with her.  They even have an iPhone app (which makes it a little more enticing, I must admit).  Perhaps doing it together (even though we live in different parts of the country) will hold me accountable.  Maybe it’s the accountability piece that will get me off the couch once and for all.  I certainly hope so.  But not today.  It is pouring rain outside, and like any true Southern California native, I don’t do rain well.  Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow.

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One Response to “Fitness Wannabe or Content Couch Potato?”

  1. callieandbatido Says:
    January 22nd, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    You can do it Zen Mama! Any goal, even a lame one, can be motivating. Get out your front door and do it. It sounds like your best friend is counting on you! Can I join in?

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