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Fabulous Thing for Pet Owners

Our sweet old lady

Our sweet old lady

On top of recovering from a nasty bout with the swine flu, we had to take my beloved 14-year old dog to the vet yesterday.  Because of course, when it rains, it pours.  She had grown what looked like another black pad on the underneath side of her paw.  It really didn’t look abnormal, until you looked at her other front paw and saw that the other one didn’t have this extra part.  Still, we disregarded it, dealing with our own sickness and all the other things that come up in life – until Life said:  Enough!  Pay attention! The blood spots all over the hardwood floors and white carpet were much harder to ignore, so off to the vet we went.

We left the vet with stitches her in front paw where they surgically removed the growth and a pill bottle of antibiotics with instructions:  2 big horse pills to be given in the morning and then 2 again in the evening.  This is on top of the regular 5 pills she takes for her arthritis, which I was already struggling with.  Because of the pain in her back hips, she is unable to “sit” anymore; much harder to get a good angle when you are prying a dog’s mouth open when you can’t tip your dog’s head back.   One of the pills I can manage to throw down her throat just fine; the other little white ones are slippery little devils that seem to pop right out just as often as not.  I’m not sure who hates the whole process more – her or me!

The vet must have seen the look of utter dismay on my face when he handed me the new pill bottle, because he zipped to the back of the clinic, returning with a bag of Greenies Pill Pockets.  He took one out of the package and showed me how it works; I became a believer right then and there.  These may be the best invention since rubber spatulas – and if you have a dog or cat that needs to take pills of any kind, this fabulous product will be your saving grace.

Greenies Pill Pockets

Click image for more info

You simply put the pill(s) in the open pocket of this soft treat (feels a bit like playdough) and then smash the top together to close it up.  Presto.  Your pet gobbles it up and you have no aggravation, no pills being spit out of the mouth, no tricks of having them holding it in their mouth until you’re not looking and then dropping it somewhere else where you find it hours after the fact.

I know, you can do this with other things you may have in your kitchen – cheese seems to be a popular option – but I’ve tried it all and I have never had foolproof results with the ease and convenience of this.  You can purchase them most places where pet supplies are sold, or from your vet too.  They even have a store locator on their website, with online options as well.  Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Now I can focus on giving my sweet pooch love and sympathy and not be muttering and cursing under my breath trying to get her to take all her meds. I’d love to meet the brilliant people who invented these things and give them a big ol’ hug of thanks!  Greenies Pill Pockets definitely get the Zen Mama Wannabe seal of approval!

Guess I should note that Greenies did not ask me to write this, nor am I being compensated in any way.  I just found a product that thrills me by making life easier and couldn’t help but want to share!

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2 Responses to “Fabulous Thing for Pet Owners”

  1. callieandbatido Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    I guess age catches up with us all. She is a beautiful dog and lucky to be in such a loving family.

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