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Labor Day – No School, but Why??

World Holidays Ok, I said to my kids as I tucked them into bed tonight.  No school tomorrow – it’s Labor Day. Do you know what Labor Day is all about or why we celebrate it? My son guessed it was for the people that fought in the war, then realized he was thinking of Memorial Day. As I saw the blank expressions on their faces, I knew I needed to rectify this straightaway. After all, if you get a day off of school (or work) I think it is important that you know why!

I was about to tell them all about this holiday celebrated on the first Monday of every September, but then I paused.  Was I really sure I knew what I was talking about?  I mean, I thought I knew…..but I’ve got a child (as some of you may relate to) who takes what is told and casts it in stone.  You don’t want to risk telling them something that isn’t quite right.  Because for them, the tablets have been set; trying to go back and amend what was said is like Moses asking for a re-do with the Ten Commandments.  I really need to get it right the first time.

Feeling the pressure, I did what any Zen Mama Wannabe would do:  ran over to my bookcase and pulled out a trusted friend guide, which helps me every time a holiday or event comes up that I need to get the facts on.   The source I go to is World Holidays: A Watts Guide for Children.  (They say it’s for children, but don’t let the name fool you – it’s a great resource to have for anyone of ANY age).

World Holidays mentions more than 100 holidays celebrated all over the world.  It says the holidays were selected to show the great diversity of the world’s religious, cultural, and national celebrations.  It has helped me with Kwanzaa, Veterans’ Day, Yom Kippur, Purim and May Day just to name a few.  (There are many mentioned that I have never even heard of!)

I suppose this information is available by just typing into Google, but I like to have a book to pull out, to sit down with and flip through the pages, and be able to show the kids the various pictures.  They pay attention to books.  They listen eagerly, in a way that is never duplicated standing around a computer screen.  (Will my children tell their children, “Yeah, we used to get read to out of these things called books.” and their children will just shake their heads at the thought of it?  God, I hope not!)

When I finished reading the page about Labor Day – a day to honor our country’s workers, my Little One asked, “Is it a day to honor Daddy?  Cuz he works so hard!”  Yes, my sweet – let’s think of ALL the workers who have labored so long and hard for us (directly or indirectly).  “Maybe we could even take him out for ice cream?” they suggested.  Oh yeah, they’re smart – always on the hunt for treats, any way they can get them.

So tomorrow, we’ll go out for ice cream.  And spend our Labor Day holiday as a (hopefully) relaxing day having fun together as a family (either a long bike ride adventure, or a pool day, or both if we’re really feeling so inspired).  But at least they now have a little history about the day – and why they are getting it as a day off.  Important, I think.  For all of us.

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One Response to “Labor Day – No School, but Why??”

  1. callieandbatido Says:
    September 11th, 2009 at 2:33 am

    So many holidays go by without people understanding (guilty as charged) exactly what the holiday is celebrating. Sounds like a great book. I may have to check that out myself.

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